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About SWZ|Maritime


SWZ|Maritime, formerly known as Schip en Werf de Zee, has been the leading Dutch brand for technical professionals in the maritime industry for over 75 years.

Every month, the magazine brings its readers the latest developments and news from all areas of the maritime industry. Several times a year SWZ|Maritime contains an extensive special. View our Subscriptions section to subscribe to SWZ Maritime.

To submit an article for SWZ|Maritime, please contact the editor in chief, Antoon Oosting, through swz.rotterdam@knvts.nl. We have also created some guidelines to help you write an article: download our author’s instruction here.

SWZ|Maritime’s website offers the latest news from the maritime sector every day. Older news articles can easily be found in the archive. In addition to providing news, SWZ Online offers upcoming events, vacancies, an online company index, interesting links, photo albums, videos and an SWZ archive dating back to 1919 (subscribers only).

Digital Newsletter
You can easily stay informed of the latest news through our digital newsletter, which we send out every week. Subscribe to the newsletter by submitting your e-mail address at the top right-hand side. Once subscribed, you will automatically receive the SWZ newsletter in your mailbox. 

Our magazine, website and newsletter are excellent media to reach your audience! Either through printed advertisements, banners on our website, in our newsletter or a combination of on- and offline media, you can be sure your company will reach the right people and/or companies. For more information please contact Joop Sluiter through telephone number +31 (0)6 51 58 68 88 or e-mail bert@veninga.net.

SWZ|Maritime is a publication of the Schip en Werf de Zee Foundation. Participants of this Foundation are the KNVTS and the Foundation de Zee. SWZ|Maritime is also the KNVTS members’ magazine.

SWZ owns and publishes the titles Schip en Werf de Zee and SWZ|Maritime.

SWZ is managed by the participants of the Foundation. Each participant appoints four committee members from the readers’ target group. These are:

On behalf of the KNVTS:

  • Dr. Ir. W. Veldhuyzen, chairman
  • Ir. H. Boonstra, treasurer (education)
  • Ing. H.H. Valkhof (MARIN)
  • Ing. R. de Graaf (NMT)

On behalf of the Foundation de Zee:

  • N. Habers (KVNR), secretaris
  • Capt. F.J. van Wijnen (NVKK)
  • Dhr. H. Walthie (Nautilus NL)
  • Ing. F. Lantsheer (KNMI)

Please click here for information on the partners of SWZ and Foundation de Zee.