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UV Solutions for Reliable Drinking Water

(Advertorial) So much water around you, but regrettably it is not the right quality. The Maritime and Offshore industries require very specific UV solutions for reliable drinking water and safe waste water.

In shipping, quality and delivery reliability are of great importance. Thinking along and moving with the wishes and requirements in the maritime industry combined with good and fast service have been key for success for Van Remmen UV Technology, which specialises in cleaning wastewater and drinking water using UV technology.


As Van Remmen UV Technology, we have earned our spurs in the maritime industry where the emphasis has always been on disinfection of wastewater according to IMO regulations. Since the introduction of the new legislation, we have been able to help various European parties with a solution that suits them. The large parties in this sector are our customers and together we have been able to offer a large part of the market our solution.

Drinking Water

We can now also guarantee safe drinking water at sea with reliable, NIPH certified UV-C disinfection systems. Safe, reliable (and cheap) drinking water is crucial for personnel, contractors and guests on the ship. Whether this water comes from an RO or from shore, the quality of the water from the tap must be of impeccable quality.

Energy Efficient

The energy-efficient UV systems from Van Remmen UV Technology are fit for purpose and, where necessary, validated in accordance with the strict NIPH requirements for drinking water on ships. Through years of development, we supply the most economical UV systems that are a cost effective guarantee for safe drinking water for the user and owner.

Author: Van Remmen UV Technology

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