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Van de Mheen Wins First Ever Navy Award

With a Master thesis on a Submarine Power System Design Tool with Graphical User Interface Jordy van de Mheen has been awarded with the Royal Navy Van Hengel-Spengler award.

The jury praised Van de Mheen for his wide, sometimes experimental, scope of energy storage systems that he compared. From these comparisons he drew conclusions for the operational consequences of these  systems for submarines’ performance.

The Graphical User Interface and Submarine Power System Design Tool are practical design tools that can be applied early on in the design process of submarines as well as for ships in other sectors such as dredging and offshore.

Other Nominees

  • LTZT3 Dennis Grenda (21) – Research into control options for a High Temperature Superconductive demagnetising installation.
  • LTZE3 Joris Derksen (26) – Modelling propagation of radar signals, applied in a non-uniform atmosferic environment.

‘High Quality of Entries'

It was the first time the Van Hengel-Spengler award was presented. The award is meant for the best operational innovation by young students.

Admiral Matthieu Borsboom, the Commander of the Royal Netherlands Navy, said ‘I am pleased with the high quality of the entries. It says a lot about what we stand for as an organisation. The Van Hengel-Spengler award is new and specifically aimed at stimulating quality and innovation among young talent. This thought fits the navy. In addition, it seamlessly fits our 525th anniversary this year, which has been given the theme “innovation”.’

Maritime Awards Gala

Borsboom presented the award to Van de Mheen at the Maritime Awards Gala. The Gala took place 31 October in the company of 900 maritime professionals at “De Broodfabriek” in Rijswijk, the Netherlands.

Author: Mariska Buitendijk

Mariska Buitendijk is one of SWZ|Maritime's journalists as well as the magazine's copy editor.

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