Wei Li in dock Damen Shiprepair Dunkerque

Wei-Li Crane Ship Leaves Damen Shiprepair

(With extra pictures) The Wei-Li crane ship has slipped its lines at Damen Shiprepair Dunkerque to make the short trip up to Rotterdam after ten days of maintenance and repairs.

The 141-metre, 18,330 DWT crane ship required special dock bed arrangements, not least because of the 3000 tonne crane mounted on its stern and its unconventional hull form.

225 Blocks

A total of 225 blocks were required, along with an additional 56 steel pillars of up to 7 metres in length to support the stern. Damen Shiprepair had to add wooden wedges to the lateral blocks to take into account the unusual hull shape and to ensure complete stability in the drydock.

Scope of Work

The scope of work over the ten day period included, along with the standard work for class survey, blasting and painting the hull and the overhauling of the internal and overboard valves. The scope of the electrical works was extensive given the tight time frame, with a large number of motors removed and transported back to workshop for overhaul before being returned and refitted. The last ones were fitted and tested on the same day of the vessel’s departure.

The starboard propeller blades were also rebuilt. This required re-welding tips onto each of the blades followed by a full polish for both propellers. Six generator coolers were also removed for overhauling, as were their bearings, and some major repairs were made to the accommodation.


The Wei-Li was built by Zhenhua Heavy Industries in 2010 and this summer was involved in the installation of the 11,000 tonne jacket for the Ivar Aasen project in the Norwegian sector of the North Sea.

Below two extra pictures of the Wei-Li in Damen's dock. Please click the pop-out link to view them in their proper dimensions.

Author: Mariska Buitendijk

Mariska Buitendijk is one of SWZ|Maritime's journalists as well as the magazine's copy editor.

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