Damen RHIB 1050 (1)

Damen Unveils Next Generation RHIB

(With video and extra pictures) Damen Shipyards has expanded its portfolio with the RHIB 1050, a new rigid hull inflatable boat.

The 10.5 x 3.35 metre multi-mission vessel can serve as an independent platform or as support for a larger patrol vessel. The RHIB 1050 was developed at Damen Shipyards Hardinxveld.


The hull is made of glass reinforced epox with a Lloyd’s approved closed cell, foam core. Damen’s use of epoxy for the hull will see the RHIB 1050 produced at the group’s specialist composite yard in Antalya, Turkey. The RHIB will be produced in series with a standard hull, open to flexible, client-specified outfitting requirements. The vessel can reach speeds of over 50 knots.


Damen developed the layout using a mock-up console, constantly tweaking the positioning of instrumentation, seating and controls to improve ergonomics. Consequently, the wheel and throttle are perfectly aligned with the suspension seating and handles and grips are located strategically throughout the RHIB.

Another example is the use of D-shaped tubing, rather than cylindrical tubing. This allows the console and the engines to be combined into a single, space saving unit that does not impede access to the fore of the vessel.

Easy and Low Maintenance

The vessel is easy to maintain with the 2 x 350 litre fuel tanks located beneath the ten deck-based seats that can be lifted clear when the tanks require removing. Similarly, the entire console unit is hinged at the aft to provide easy access to the 2 x 370 hp Volvo Penta engines. The mast is also hinged so that it can be folded away for transport height.

Damen is currently building a second RHIB 1050, which will feature 2 x 400 hp outboard engines.

Below a short video as well as two extra pictures (please click the pop-out link to view them in their proper dimensions) of the RHIB 1050 (all by Damen).

Author: Mariska Buitendijk

Mariska Buitendijk is one of SWZ|Maritime's journalists as well as the magazine's copy editor.

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