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Ship Deliveries: Herkules XVII and XVIII

(With videos & extra pictures) In May, Veka in Werkendam, the Netherlands, delivered two push boats to Imperial Shipping Paraguay S.A., Ascuncion: the Herkules XVII and Herkules XVIII.

The keels were laid on 19 February 2015 at shipyard Veka Bijlsma in Lemmer. The boats were docked out on 12 October. The hulls were then towed to Werkendam for final outfitting. Sea trials took place on 14 and 18 March. On 12 May, both push boats were loaded onto heavy lift vessel HHL Fremantle (2011 – 17,644 bt) in the port of Rotterdam. The HHL Fremantle left Rotterdam for Uruguay two days later. The Herkules XVII and XVIII will sail the Paraná river in Paraguay.

Vessel particulars:

  • Vessel dimensions: 43.50 x 17.50 x 3.30 (depth 3.10) metres.
  • Propulsion: 3 main engines (Caterpillar, type 3512C DITA); 3x 1350 kW or 3x 1836 hp by 1600 rpm
  • Push capacity: up to 12 barges (61.50 x 16.60 metres) with a total load of almost 16,000 tonnes

Retractable Flanking Rudders

The vessels are equipped with retractable flanking rudders, developed by Veka and Van der Velden Marine Systems. The rudders are placed in front of the propellers instead of behind them, which allows the pushboat to manoeuvre when reversing.

A disadvantage of such a system, is that it creates extra resistance, while the system is not used continuously. These newly developed flanking rudders can be retracted hydraulically, thereby removing the extra resistance when not in use. With one push of a button, the rudders can be lowered for extra manoeuvrability.

Read more about these vessels in "Maand Maritiem" in SWZ Maritime's June issue (subscribers only).

Below you find a photo album with extra pictures of the vessels and their retractable rudders. Please click the pop-out link to view them in their proper dimensions. In addition, a video of the trials with the retractable flanking rudders and the Herkules XVII and XVIII as spotted on the "Oude Maas" on their way to Rotterdam.

Picture (top): The Herkules XVII being loaded on board the HHL Fremantle.

Author: Mariska Buitendijk

Mariska Buitendijk is one of SWZ|Maritime's journalists as well as the magazine's copy editor.

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