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VIDEO: Introducing Skoon Energy

Dutch start-up Skoon Energy BV, led by Maritime Engineering students Daan Geldermans and Peter Paul van Voorst tot Voorst, is working on a battery network for ships to reduce emissions.

Through an online platform, ship owners and shipping companies can book battery packs for their ships. The packs can then be loaded onto a ship in a port of choice. Once the ship has arrived at its destination, the battery packs can be unloaded to be charged again and wait for their next booking.

Read all about this innovative new start-up in SWZ|Maritime's February issue, available online now (subscribers only). Skoon founder Van Voorst tot Voorst also presented Skoon in the Dutch TV programme "Doe maar duurzaam" (do it sustainably). Watch the item (in Dutch only) below.

Author: Mariska

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