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Van Oord’s Svanen Deployed for Kriegers Flak

Van Oord has signed a contract with the Swedish energy company Vattenfall for the transport and installation of the foundations for Kriegers Flak offshore wind farm.

The company will install the project’s 72 monopiles and transition pieces.

Kriegers Flak

With a production capacity of just over 600 MW, Kriegers Flak will be Denmark’s largest offshore wind farm and is scheduled to be fully operational by the end of 2021. The Danish Kriegers Flak offshore wind farm is constructed in the Baltic Sea across a range of 15 to 40 km from the Danish coast. The monopiles will be transported floating from Rostock, Germany, and the transition pieces will be transported on barges from Aalborg, Denmark, to the project location.

Svanen in the Baltic Sea

Van Oord has been involved in building offshore wind farms since 2002. For the installation of the foundations, the company deploys its 8000-tonne heavy lift installation vessel Svanen. So far, the vessel has installed almost 650 foundations throughout Europe. The Svanen has installed the vast majority of monopiles in the Baltic Sea including the Anholt, Baltic 2 and Arkona projects.

Author: Mariska

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