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LR Publishes Overview of Future IMO and ILO Legislation

Lloyd's Register (LR) has published its April 2019 edition of "Future IMO and ILO Legislation" to help ship owners and managers to prepare for what's to come.

This publication provides an overview of relevant legislative changes, including significant changes coming into force in the near future such as:

  • Sewage restrictions within the new Baltic Special Area will apply to new passenger ships from 1 June 2019.
  • Various amendments to the Ballast Water Management Convention will enter into force on 13 October 2019. These formalise the previously agreed retrofitting schedule, and introduce a Code for Approval of Ballast Water Management Systems and confirm its application.
  • The global fuel oil sulphur limit will reduce to 0.50% on 1 January 2020.
  • Phase 2 of the Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI) will apply to new ships from 1 January 2020. A new EEDI reference line for ro-ro passenger ships and ro-ro cargo ships will enter into force on 1 September 2019 prior to phase 2 applying.
  • A package of amendments to SOLAS and related codes will apply from 1 January 2020, because this is the first application date for the four-year cycle of SOLAS amendments.

The full publication can be downloaded from the LR website.

Author: Mariska Buitendijk

Mariska Buitendijk is one of SWZ|Maritime's journalists as well as the magazine's copy editor.

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