Subsea Industries Arctic Award

Arctic Innovation Award for Ecospeed Vessel Coating

Subsea Industries has won the Arctic Innovation Award 2019 for its Ecospeed non-toxic hull coating. Ecospeed remains bonded to the ship’s plates even as they flex and bend under ice pressure and impact and will not be damaged in the ice and so will remain smooth.

According to the organisers, the panel of independent judges consisting of leading Arctic specialists gave the award to 'the company or individual that has developed the most innovative new technology, environmental practice or service to benefit the Arctic region.' 

Resistant to Ice

Subsea Industries guarantees a lifespan of ten years for Ecospeed when sailing without needing to be repainted. The ability of the coating to protect the hull in Arctic waters, the harshest marine environment for shipping, is an important consideration when choosing coating for icebreakers and ice-strengthened vessels. Experience has shown that Ecospeed stays on the hull longer and resists the ice far better than the most generally used specialised ice coatings. 

Ecospeed has been recognised by Lloyd’s Register as an abrasion resistant ice coating for ships. Its correct use on the ice belt specifically permits a reduction of the ice belt’s steel plating by up to 1 mm.

Subsea Industries CEO Boud Van Rompay said: 'We are very proud to have been given this award by important members of the Arctic shipping community. This recognition strengthens us to keep pursuing our goal of clean rivers, seas and oceans.'


Applying Ecospeed is a simple process which can be carried out using the usual spray equipment without tenting and heating. Only two coats of 500 μm each are required. Minimum overcoat time is a few hours and there is no maximum, making it easy to fit into a drydock or new build schedule.

The winner of the award was announced at the Arctic Shipping Forum held at the Paasitorni Congress Centre in Helsinki, Finland, on 2 April.

Picture: Experience has shown that Ecospeed stays on the hull much longer and resists the ice far better than the most generally used specialized ice coatings.

Author: Mariska Buitendijk

Mariska Buitendijk is one of SWZ|Maritime's journalists as well as the magazine's copy editor.

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