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Damen Presents New Shoalbuster Design at Seawork

Damen Shipyards Group has brought its new Shoalbuster design to Seawork Marine and Workboat Exhibition being held in Southampton this week. The new 27-metre long, 11-metre wide vessel was developed in response to recent Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) changes concerning crew accommodation.

To comply with these new MLC regulations, which stipulate increased accommodation capacity, the width of the Shoalbuster 2709 (with accommodation for six people) was increased by two metres. The new Shoalbuster 2711 can now accommodate seven people.

More Stability and Lifting Capacity

Yet, the accommodation capacity is not the only technical specification to have changed. The increased width has also resulted in increased stability. 'This has multiple benefits,' explains Damen Manager Design & Proposal John Krielaart. 'For example, it means that, without actually increasing crane capacity, this new vessel can lift more over the side.'

'Furthermore, because this wider vessel has more buoyancy, it can carry more or heavier equipment on the larger deck space. Bollard pull is increased as we were able to install larger, more powerful nozzles.' The Shoalbuster 2711 also has an anchor handling notation. Because of the extra stability, the vessel can handle bigger and heavier anchors.

Within the 24-metre Load Line Length

The Shoalbuster 2711 is still within the 24-metre load line length. 'This is a key point for operators working in UK waters or out of UK ports, one that makes this vessel a very interesting proposition,' Mr Krielaart continues. 'In fact, because it will be able to compete with larger vessels, we expect that this new design will be a real money maker for these operators.'

Show Model at Seawork

Damen intends to build this new model of Shoalbuster for stock to be able to offer a swift delivery time. Fresh from the completion of sea trials, the new Shoalbuster 2711 made its way to Southampton, UK, for this year’s edition of Seawork. The vessel has been equipped 'with almost all of the optional extras possible: towing pins, crane and winches, for example,' says Jeroen van Woerkum, Damen Commercial Manager.

Swiss Army Knife of Workboats

Damen introduced the first Shoalbuster 25 years ago with a view to combine the bollard pull of a tug with the shallow draught of a Multi Cat. While the first few vessels were operated in the dredging industry, the design quickly found its way to all sorts of harbour, coastal area and shallow water works. 

The range of Shoalbusters gained a reputation for being the Swiss Army knife of workboats, capable of a vast range of tasks with a wide variety of optional on-board equipment. Moreover, the Shoalbuster is classified for unrestricted navigation, enabling global operation.

Damen has continuously fine-tuned the Shoalbuster’s design in response to market requirements and regulations. This has resulted in among others the Pushbuster, the Renewables Services Vessel and a specialised shallow draught version.

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