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New Voyage Planner Uses AI to Select Sailing Route

Technology group Wärtsilä has launched its new Navi-Planner. This voyage planning system utilises a large navigational databases and artificial intelligence (AI) to auto-create a safe sailing route. It also cuts onboard voyage planning from five hours to thirty minutes.

Navi-Planner calculates weather optimisation, supports hazard identification, creates a voyage plan, and provides the latest charts and data automatically at all times. In addition, it enables onshore fleet operators to remotely monitor their vessels in real-time, record navigational near misses, and support incident investigation and playback. The reduction in onboard voyage planning time is achieved through the use of the connected ECDIS.

Higher-level Situational Awareness

'The Wärtsilä Navi-Planner is a safe, type-approved, cyber-secure system that addresses complete voyage planning and optimisation needs in a single service. It improves safety and provides fleet operators and crew with higher-level situational awareness. This is a retrofittable upgrade of any ECDIS allowing for integrated voyage planning and execution, today,' says Torsten Buessow, managing director of Wärtsilä's Transas business unit, which was responsible for developing the new Navi-Planner.

Towards Dynamic Smart Voyage Optimisation

In the future, new information such as port arrival data, can be seamlessly incorporated into the voyage plan. Based on a recommended time of arrival, the Navi-Planner will be able to dynamically adjust the route and speed of a vessel’s approach to a port for a just-in-time arrival. By accurate speed and route management, and by enabling connectivity with ports, the system makes smart voyage optimisation possible.

Smart voyage planning services in the maritime industry will lead to improved safety, lowered CO2 emissions, and significant savings through reduced fuel consumption. It is anticipated that smart systems will soon be seen on vessels providing automated voyage optimisation in real-time.

The new Navi-Planner was unveiled at this year’s Nor-Shipping exhibition, which took place 4 to 7 June in Oslo, Norway. 

Picture: The Wärtsilä Navi-Planner addresses complete voyage planning and optimisation needs in a single service.

Author: Mariska

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