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Koolen Industries to Accelerate Market Uptake of Battery Containers

Skoon Energy's Skoonbox, a container filled with batteries, will receive a significant boost now that Koolen Industries will make an investment. The cooperation is to help the start-up company grow and accelerate the development of an online booking platform for mobile energy storage.

Skoon Energy manages an infrastructure of standard-size battery containers and strategically located charging hubs with one hundred per cent green energy supply. The batteries can be used to power a ship while in port or when sailing when placed on board. To facilitate optimal use of the battery containers, the company has been developing a platform (Skoon Cloud). On the platform, companies can offer or book mobile energy storage. In addition, the platform provides access to various data sets concerning the use of Skoonboxes. Users can order a Skoonbox and monitor them during use. By automating all operational logistics, the platform provides a reliable network of smart mobile energy storage. Skoon Cloud is designed from experience and works in combination with all kinds of mobile energy solutions.

Growth and Accelerated Development

Peter Paul van Voorst tot Voorst, Founder and CEO of Skoon Energy is enthusiastic about the collaboration: 'Koolen's experience in tech companies such as and Uber is very valuable to us and will certainly help with the further development of Skoon and the Skoon Cloud.' 

In the short term, Koolen Industries and Skoon will focus on the further growth of the company. The cooperation will also accelerate the development of the Skoonboxes in order to be able to serve a variety of mobile applications more quickly. This is of great importance for the market-wide adaptation of mobile energy sharing via the Skoon Cloud.

Peter Paul van Voorst tot Voorst (Founder/CEO Skoon Energy), Daan Geldermans (Co-Founder/COO Skoon Energy), and Kees Koolen (Chairman/CEO Koolen Industries).

Energy Transition Solutions

'With this investment we bring together the knowledge and resources that help us as a group to offer complete energy transition solutions, while meeting the growing demand for sustainable mobile energy storage,' says Kees Koolen.

Koolen Industries is an ambitious and innovative player in the field of sustainable energy. It has recently invested in lithium batteries and charging infrastructure, among other things, and is currently working on investments in the energy sector. Skoon Energy's battery sharing concept is a perfect addition to this portfolio and will play a role in facilitating the energy transition.

Picture (top): A Skoonbox being placed on board a ship.

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