C-Job US office

C-Job Opens US Office

Dutch ship design and engineering agency C-Job Naval Architects will expand its activities in the United States by opening an office in Houston, Texas, this summer. The new office is to help the firm penetrate the American market.

In recent years, the Dutch company has expanded its activities in North America, visiting events such as the International Work Boat Show in New Orleans 2018 and the recent Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) in Houston. In addition, last November, C-Job entered into a strategic partnership with American marine engineering company Glosten to strengthen relations with the US.

Basjan Faber, CEO of C-Job, says: 'At C-Job, we find it important that customers are closely involved in the entire design process of a ship because this benefits the design. That is why we work closely with shipowners and shipyards. By opening an office in Houston, Texas, we get close to our American customers and therefore support American projects even better.'

Market for Innovative Ship Designs

C-Job is known for its innovative ship designs and has a strong track record in various industries, including dredgers, offshore (wind), ferries, superyachts and workboats. In addition, the ship design company has a Research & Development department that focuses on developing technological innovations and new ship design methods. The company has experienced strong growth over the last years, seeing its work force double. The company opened its first international office in Nikolayev, Ukraine, in December 2017.

Picture: Basjan Faber: 'It is a sign of our dedication that we can now take this step and actually open a C-Job office in Houston in order to further realise our American dream.'

Author: Mariska

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