Intercity Barge

Bundling of Containers Allows for More Reliable Inland Navigation

Bundling containers at smaller terminals and depots makes it possible for inland navigation vessels to make larger call-sizes at the large terminals. Intercity Barge does just that and has so far transported over 100,000 containers to and from the Port of Rotterdam.

The Intercity Barge connects the terminals of Hutchison Ports ECT Rotterdam on the Maasvlakte with the smaller terminals and depots in the Waal-/Eemhaven area, the Botlek area, the Merwedehaven, Ridderkerk and Alblasserdam. Customers can pick up and deliver their containers at the location of their choice.

Tackling Delays in Inland Navigation

Delays in the large ports are a real problem for inland navigation and can make it an unreliable and, therefore, less popular form of transport. Still, it is much more environmentally friendly than transport by truck. By combining containers to and from the smaller terminals, fewer vessels need to sail to the large terminals in Rotterdam and the call-size itself becomes larger. This reduces both waiting and handling time. Furthermore, as Intercity Barge makes use of fixed time windows at the ECT terminals, reliability is improved further.

Intercity Barge is a joint corridor initiative of Danser Group and European Gateway Services (EGS). With over 100,000 containers having been transported since its inception last year, Intercity Barge has proven to be a succes. The companies involved are now looking to expand the service further in the near future.

Author: Mariska

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