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Container Ship Destroys Indonesian Terminal Crane

Container ship Soul of Luck (1602 TEU) caused considerable damage while attempting to moor at the container terminal at Semarang Port in North Java on Sunday. The incident was caught on film.

For unknown reasons, the vessel approached the quay of the TPKS Container Terminal much too fast. The ship's bow hit a leg of a terminal container crane, causing it to topple sideways onto the quay. The ship then slipped along the quay finally also hitting the coaster Ceria 8, which was also moored there.

Port authority KSOP Tanjung Emas told The Maritime Executive, the incident occurred while the container ship was being assisted with berthing by two tugs, KT Jayanegara 304 and KT Jayanegara 201. The port authority has stated there were no fatalities and only one minor injury.

Watch a video of the incident below. The picture at the top is a still from the same video.

Author: Mariska

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