VIDEOS: Presenting the KNVTS Ship of the Year Contenders

Three very different ships are competing for this year’s KNVTS Ship of the Year Award: super yacht Bravo Eugenia, dredger DC Orisant and inland navigation vessel Sendo Liner. See what makes these ships special in the official nominee videos as released by the Maritime Awards Foundation.

The winner of the KNVTS Ship of the Year Award will be announced at the Maritime Awards Gala, which takes place 4 November in Rijswijk, the Netherlands. On this special evening, four other maritime awards will also be presented: the Maritime Innovation Award, the Maritime Designer Award, the Maritime KVNR Shipping Award, and the Royal Netherlands Navy Van Hengel-Spengler Award.

The nominees for the KNVTS Ship of the Year Award 2019 are (in alphabetical order):

Bravo Eugenia

Motor yacht Bravo Eugenia has been designed and built by Oceanco at Alblasserdam, the Netherlands. This 109-metre luxury yacht has a sleek look and a gross tonnage of 3418, which is low considering yachts of similar size. The vessel features hybrid diesel-electric propulsion consisting of a diesel engine and an electric motor on a dual output gearbox. It can sail on its electric motor alone, allowing for emission free sailing. The yacht is also equipped with a waste heat recovery system. Heat from the engines is used for hot water boilers and air conditioning and to heat the pool, jacuzzis. Because the engines can be smaller thanks to the diesel-electric propulsion system, a single-layer engine room has been realised, leaving more room for accommodation.

DC Orisant

Trailing suction hopper dredger DC Orisant has been designed and built by Royal IHC for Reimerswaal Dredging. The dredging installation has been configured to dredge marine aggregates for the construction industry. Yet, the vessel can also be deployed for regular dredging projects and offshore support tasks thanks to its DP2 functionality. All drives, propellers, dredge pumps and discharging installations are diesel-electric to optimise efficiency and reduce emissions. It is the first diesel-electric aggregate dredger on the market. To dock the vessel at discharging locations without a quay side, the vessel is equipped with two spuds. All equipment on board can be inspected, maintained, repaired or replaced in a safe and easy way.

Sendo Liner

Inland vessel Sendo Liner has been designed by Sendo Shipping and built by Concordia Damen Shipbuilding BV in Werkendam, the Netherlands. Focus in the design was on efficiency and environmentally friendly design. The vessel’s drive train and hull form has been optimised following a long term measuring campaign on a similar ship. The result is a twin propeller diesel electric concept powered by two generators, supported by a battery pack for peak shaving and supply of peak power. Its enlarged hold can carry fourteen rows of containers as opposed to the normal thirteen.

Watch all three nominee videos below.

Picture: DC Orisant top view.

Author: Mariska Buitendijk

Mariska Buitendijk is one of SWZ|Maritime's journalists as well as the magazine's copy editor.