Royal Huisman Combines Sailing with Explorer Yacht

Yacht builder Royal Huisman has unveiled its latest superyacht project: Lotus. This project consists of an 88-metre DynaRig sailing yacht as well as a 70-metre companion explorer vessel.

The project has been designed by the ThirtyC design studio, in collaboration with Dykstra Naval Architects and Royal Huisman. The designers stress Lotus is not a sailing yacht with a support vessel. Rather, the two vessels are designed to complement each other.

Sailing Yacht

The concept of the sailing yacht is leading edge for its rig, styling, technology, performance, and the balance of accommodation and facilities. A far less intrusive requirement for crew and support team than is normal for a yacht of this size is made possible by the dual-ship Lotus package. With the ship’s toys and other support equipment accommodated on the companion ship, there are more open deck areas.

The Lotus sailing yacht offers speed, precision sailing and reduced complexity in terms of both rigging and crew. It can cruise the world or even compete in global superyacht regattas. This versatility is derived from the DynaRig configuration which, combined with advanced technologies used in construction, propulsion and power management, will place it among the fastest and most technologically advanced sailing yachts in the world.

DynaRig System

The DynaRig system makes it possible for a small crew to manage and trim the sails without the encumbrance of lines or winches. It underpins ease of handling, reliability, efficiency and guaranteed performance. The masts and all the sails rotate by the simple push of a button, enabling optimum trimming either from the bridge or a remote station.

Explorer Motoryacht

The 70-metre explorer motoryacht is designed to integrate in terms of layout and function with the sailing yacht. It is more than a support ship. Its accommodation, for both guests and crew, is of the same standard as will be found on the sailing ship. It may act as “mother ship” at a regatta, or as a solo vessel for one group of guests wishing to explore a remote navigable river whilst others enjoy a day’s sailing.

It will also act as the operations and accommodation centre for the duo’s crew and hotel service entourages. The explorer vessel is designed to house the toys, tenders, cars, helicopters – even a submarine if wished – to enhance the experience of travelling the globe.

Technologically Advanced

Both Lotus vessels are to become technologically advanced yachts. Smart deployment of new technologies is to lessen the environmental impact of both ships’ operations. For example, the latest solar technology will be integrated into the masts; smart power generation, storage and management systems will minimise fuel use and even enable the Lotus DynaRig to sail from its berth without starting an engine.

The Lotus duo will be built from Alustar A5 aluminium for lightness, strength and durability using techniques pioneered by Royal Huisman.

Author: Mariska Buitendijk

Mariska Buitendijk is one of SWZ|Maritime's journalists as well as the magazine's copy editor.