Royal IHC Quietly Launches Krios

Royal IHC has launched the self-propelled 23,684-kW cutter suction dredger Krios (construction number 1277, imo 9848235), which is being built for Boskalis, Papendrecht. Despite that it is one of the largest cutter suction dredgers in the world, no publicity was given to the event.

Without even a sober ceremony, press release or mention on the websites of Boskalis or Royal IHC, the Krios was launched on 1 October. Only the local newspaper, the “Alblasserdamnieuws”, made mention of it. According to the newspaper, no ceremony was held because it was just a technical launch. IHC has indicated to SWZ|Maritime that the┬ácustomer chooses to celebrate the construction of the ship at a later date.

Vessel Particulars for the Krios

The keel was laid on 5 September 2018. The data of the Krios are: 8981 bt, 2694 nt, 3692 dwt, L o.a.(l.l.) x W x H (depth) = 152.00 (127.50) x 28.00 x 8.90 (6.00) metres. The energy is supplied by three MAN B&W main engines, type 6L48/60, 3 x 6222 kW and a diesel generator of 2160 kW. These drive, among other, things the two propellers (2 x 3500 kW at 1000 rpm) with which a speed of 11.5 knots can be achieved.

The Krios has a total pump power of 15,600 kW and a maximum cutter power of 7000 kW. The bunker capacity is 1816 cubic metres. On board there is accommodation for 45 persons. The Krios is designed for dredging work in extremely hard ground at depths ranging from six to 35 metres to fifteen miles from the coast or twenty miles from a port. At waves of less than 2.5 metres, the working area is unlimited.

The Krios, which is almost identical to the mega cutter suction dredger Helios, which was delivered on 16 June 2017, will be built under the leadership of Bureau Veritas.

Picture at the top is a still from the video by Peter Nieuws.

Author: Mariska Buitendijk

Mariska Buitendijk is one of SWZ|Maritime's journalists as well as the magazine's copy editor.