Boskalis dredger Willem van Oranje bunkering bio-fuel oil

Boskalis to Operate Dredger on Bio-fuel Oil

In what will be a world first, Royal Boskalis Westminster and biofuels supplier GoodFuels will operate dredging vessel Willem van Oranje on one hundred per cent bio-fuel oil. The test follows earlier successful tests with “drop-in” blends of light bio-fuel and marine gas oil.

The sulphur-free sustainable residual fuel consists wholly of used cooking oil and contains no fossil fuels. This allows a substantial carbon reduction of ninety per cent.

Boskalis on Bio

The project is the result of the “Boskalis on Bio” pilot programme launched in 2015 in cooperation with engine manufacturer Wärtsilä and GoodFuels. With this programme, Boskalis aims to realise a substantial reduction in carbon emissions from both its vessels and its dry earthmoving equipment and trucks.

Since the launch, the company has successfully used various bio-fuel blends on both dredging and offshore installation vessels and on dry earthmoving equipment as an alternative to fossil fuels. For example on the projects to create the Marker Wadden nature area and to install the export cable to the Borssele offshore wind farm, both in the Netherlands.

Willem van Oranje

The 143-metre long trailing suction hopper dredger Willem van Oranje, which was taken into service in 2010, has a hopper capacity of 12,000 cubic metres and total installed power of 13,870 kW. The versatile dredging vessel can dredge to a depth of up to 62 metres and is deployed on the most diverse maritime infrastructure projects around the world.

Picture: Boskalis dredger Willem van Oranje bunkering bio-fuel oil.

Author: Mariska Buitendijk