Walrus Class Submarine emerges

IHC Brings in New Partner in Hopes of Winning Submarine Order

Dutch companies continue to vie for the upcoming submarine order from the Royal Netherlands Navy to replace the Walrus class. To this end, Royal IHC has formed a partnership with Breman Machinery to cooperate on building complex and steel structures with high tolerances and high precision.

IHC is competing in the tender as a partner of the French Naval Group. If the group goes a stage further in the process ā€“ which will be announced in a so-called “B-letter” ā€“ it will be able to draw on Bremanā€™s expertise. The other big contender for the order is Damen Shipyards with its partner Saab from Sweden. Last week, Huisman also entered the mix by stating its facilities are available for the production of the pressure hull, among other things.

IHC and Breman have been working together on various shipbuilding projects and the construction of large steel structures for pipelaying systems, and installation tools for offshore wind turbines for decades. In addition, Breman has a large-scale machine park, which is required to construct the new generation submarines.

‘Both IHC and Breman stand for craftsmanship, high quality and know-how,’ says Dave Vander Heyde, CEO of Royal IHC. It would be tremendous if we could use our combined forces to develop and construct the new submarines: for the Netherlands, by the Netherlands, and in the Netherlands.’

‘We are confident of being a strong partner in this challenging project,’ adds Henk Breman, CEO of Breman Machinery. ‘During a company visit to the Naval Group, it was clear that the high quality on offer aligned perfectly with what we can deliver. With regard to the construction, welding and machining process, Breman will be able to establish strong partnerships. Together with IHC, we can make a strong contribution to the development of the manufacturing industry as a future partner of the Dutch defence.’

Author: Mariska Buitendijk

Mariska Buitendijk is one of SWZ|Maritime's journalists as well as the magazine's copy editor.