Divers start removing oil from sunken cranes in Port of Rostock

On 4 February, heavy lift vessel Jumbo Vision was moved from its location in the Port of Rostock where it lost two cranes on 31 January. The cranes fell overboard and sunk in port basin B. Divers have linked equipment to the sunken cranes and have started emptying their hydraulic oil and diesel tanks.

Divers first ascertained that there was no damage to the Jumbo Vision’s hull. At around 2 pm on 4 February, the ship was subsequently moved from basin B to a location south of the current location.┬áInvestigation into the cause of the incident is ongoing.

Emptying tanks

In the morning of 4 February, the deck cargo pontoon Baltic Lift assisted the divers in launching the equipment needed to reach the cranes’ oil tanks. After the Jumbo Vision had departed the location, the divers started emptying the cranes’ tanks. This will take approximately two days.

Three possible salvage scenarios will be investigated over the coming days. It is currently not possible to specify a time for the salvage operation. Possibilities to open the port basin in the near future for limited shipping traffic are currently being investigated.

Repairs to Jumbo Vision

The Jumbo Vision will be turned in the harbour basin where it is now positioned with the help of a tugboat to repair the damaged side alongside. This will enable necessary repair work to be carried out on the ship from the quay, which will be safer and more effective than with the previous positioning of the ship.

Picture by Rostock Port GmbH.

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Author: Mariska Buitendijk

Mariska Buitendijk is one of SWZ|Maritime's journalists as well as the magazine's copy editor.