The SWZ - Akerboom Archive

The SWZ – Akerboom Archive contains all of the editions and articles of the magazines “SWZ Maritime”, “Schip en Werf de Zee”, “Schip en Werf” and “Het Schip” since 1919. The archive has been named after Richard Akerboom, editor of SWZ Maritime and the driving force behind the realisation of this digital archive until his death in 2013.

With ship descriptions, technical developments and news, the archive spans nearly a century of maritime progression. To share the maritime knowledge gathered over the years, SWZ Maritime has launched this digital archive in PDF. The archive is accessible to members of the Royal Netherlands Society of Marine Technologists (KNVTS), to members of the Labour Union for marine personnel (Nautilus) and to other SWZ Maritime subscribers by their personal user ID.

The archive offers search options by years(s), key words or a combination of both options. To search the PDFs found after a search query, you need a user ID and the latest version of Acrobat Reader on your computer.

Copyright and Disclaimer

All the editions of the magazines “Het Schip”, “Schip en Werf” and “Schip en Werf de Zee” until 1991 have been published by their owner, The Royal Netherlands Society of Marine Technologists (KNVTS). From 1991 onwards all the editions of “Schip en Werf de Zee” and “SWZ Maritime” are owned and published by the Foundation “Schip en Werf de Zee” (“Stichting SWZ”). No part of any of the editions in the SWZ – Akerboom Archive as mentioned may be made public by print, photocopy or any digital form without prior written permission of the publishers. Authors or other parties concerned with the copyright of individual articles may apply to SWZ Maritime (, phone +31102417435) if they have any questions in this respect.

Editors and publishers are not responsible for any errors, misprints, omissions or other inaccuracies in articles or columns.