SWZ|maritime subscription

A subscription consists of:

  • SWZ|Maritime magazine
    Eleven times a year, the magazine brings its readers the latest developments and news from all areas of maritime industry. SWZ|Maritime features different specials throughout the year, focused on topics such as naval vessels, inland shipping, fuels, propulsion technology, yachts and much more.
  • Digital SWZ Archive
    The SWZ  Akerboom Archive contains all issues and articles of “SWZ|Maritime”, ”Schip en Werf de Zee”, “Schip en Werf” and “Het Schip” published since 1919. With ship descriptions, technical developments and news, the archive spans nearly a century of maritime progress. To celebrate our new website, the Archive is now freely available for a limited time only. Soon, only subscribers will be given access. Go to the digital archive.
  • SWZ Newsletter
    From now on you can easily stay informed of the latest news through our digital newsletter, which we send out every Thursday. To subscribe, please fill in your e-mail address in the box at the top right of our website.

SWZ|Maritime Subscription

Subscriptions to just the SWZ|Maritime magazine and full digital access, are handled by SWZ|Maritime’s publishing partner ProMedia Group. A subscription costs € 126,04 a year for the Netherlands (for Belgium & England € 173,88, other countries € 184,18, excluding VAT and an administration fee of € 3,95). Fill in the form below to order your subscription. If you are a member of KNVTS or Nautilus, please visit their website for more information.