Topic: Maritime accident

Barbed Wire Can Pose a Risk While Berthing

Entangled fencing used as an anti piracy precaution may suddenly come free from the fender or break while docking, posing a potential threat for crew or linesmen. It could also lead to a potential claim...Read more
|Comment|author: Mariska Buitendijk

Vessel Drags Anchor, Hits Two Other Vessels

Anchor watch requires a crew member’s undivided attention. Sea states are always changing and once a ship starts dragging its anchor, dangerous situations can arise rapidly. In a recent Mars Report, a ship dragging its...Read more
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Vessel Roll Causes Crew Member Injury

In rough weather, a vessel’s roll pattern can be amplified from time to time. Therefore, crew members should keep their guard up at all times. In a recent Mars Report, a crew member was injured...Read more
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