Topic: Maritime accidents

Smart fishing nets are hailing ships by call sign

The Automatic Identification Systems-equipped fishing net problem seems to be increasing exponentially and constitutes ‘an accident waiting to happen’, according to The Nautical Institute. The picture above was taken on a recent trip from Shanghai...Read more
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Crew member falls into open manhole

An unattended, open manhole can pose a hazard on board ships and should be dealt with as such. The Nautical Institute gives advice on how to prevent such accidents in a recent Mars Report after...Read more
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Passenger ship has parking problem

The marine industry is unusual in that up to five people have to coordinate their movements and actions to manoeuvre a massive floating object safely to berth. Working as individuals, each in their own bubble,...Read more
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Container ships caught at violating safety rules

Despite the MSC Zoe disaster in the Dutch Wadden Sea at the beginning of last year, shipping companies still massively violate international rules on safety for large container ships. This follows from a major inspection...Read more
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Video: 5000-tonne crane of new DEME vessel collapses

The 5000-tonne heavy-lift crane of DEME’s new installation vessel Orion 1 has collapsed while undergoing load tests at Liebherr’s construction yard in Rostock. Five people sustained minor injuries and vessel and crane have suffered damage....Read more
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Don’t cut corners when mooring your ship

Mooring a ship safely usually requires more than one person at each mooring station. In a recent Mars Report, the focus was on getting the job done instead of doing it safely. The work-around the...Read more
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Ship hits wind turbine near Borkum

A ship has sailed into a wind turbine near the German Wadden Island of Borkum. Three crew members were injured, one of whom is in bad shape, according to the German rescue brigade. The vessel Njord...Read more
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How not to carry out work aloft on board a ship

Improvised procedures, wrongful use of machinery and equipment and bypassing safety switches. Sometimes a single Mars Report can tell you exactly how not to carry out a relatively simple task. The incident described here covers...Read more
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