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Smart fishing nets are hailing ships by call sign

The Automatic Identification Systems-equipped fishing net problem seems to be increasing exponentially and constitutes ‘an accident waiting to happen’, according to The Nautical Institute. The picture above was taken on a recent trip from Shanghai...Read more
|Comment|author: Mariska Buitendijk
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Seafarers’ education lags behind practice

Radical changes are needed to ensure that the education of seafarers does not lag behind the rapid pace of technological developments in shipping. This is demonstrated by a study which is part of the EU-funded...Read more
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RH Marine improves autopilot on ships

In recent months, RH Marine experts have made an important contribution to the improvement of the new ISO standard for the autopilot (Heading Control Systems, or HCS) on seagoing vessels. The new standard will be...Read more
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First Sulphur Cap Offenders Caught in China

The Chinese authorities have recently caught two ships running on fuel with excessive sulphur content. As far as is known, these are the first officially reported sulphur cap offenders. Maritime insurer The Standard Club reports that...Read more
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