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Ship stairs Creative Commons Zero - CC0

Stairs slip-up injures crew member

Stairs onboard ships can present a danger to crew, especially in wet conditions. In a recent Mars Report, a crew member was injured rushing down the stairs. The Mars Reports are compiled (anonymously) by The Nautical...Read more
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Dock Fenders Rendered Ineffective by Low Tide

Water level variations can affect how certain port structures interact with vessels. In a recent Mars Report, a vessel’s fender was forced under the fender post due to low water levels. It caused the vessel...Read more
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Bollards Fail and Ship’s Stern Breaks Free

If a line or bollard fails under stress, a cascading effect can occur as each of the remaining lines or bollards become overloaded. This happened with passenger vessel Seabourn Encore and highlights the importance of...Read more
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Tug Prop Wash Pushes Tanker Aground

Powerful tugs can create strong propeller wash currents. A tanker recently ran aground as it was passing two tugs pushing on the side of a berthed vessel. The incident was covered in a recent Mars Report...Read more
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