Topic: Project cargo

AAL moves 38 yachts in one go

AAL Shipping has shipped 38 private yachts on deck in a single sailing from Fort Lauderdale to Southampton and Antwerp. The cargo covered an area of 2500 square metres, or half a football field, and...Read more
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SAL and Mammoet move 955-tonne pressure vessel

SAL Heavy Lift and Mammoet have transported a massive 955-tonne pressure vessel from Belgium to Russia. Manufacturer Coek Engineering spent two years on the construction of the component, which comes with a 10 million euros...Read more
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Spliethoff acquires heavy-lift vessel Zea Gold

Spliethoff has acquired the former Zeamarine heavy-lift vessel Zea Gold. The ship is currently in Rotterdam for maintenance and will depart for its next project in May carrying the new name MV Palmgracht. The Palmgracht is...Read more
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