HMM: Record ship Algeciras carries largest container load ever

It’s raining records at HMM. The South Korean shipping company already has the largest container ship in the world, the HMM Algeciras. The Koreans now also claim that the ship carries the largest container load ever. Next destination: Rotterdam.

The HMM Algeciras of 23,964 TEU was officially inaugurated on 23 April. On 28 April, the ship sailed from Qingdao in China to Busan in South Korea. There, 7156 TEU was loaded. Subsequently, large loads of containers were collected in Shanghai, Ningbo and Yantian. Final score: 19,621 TEU, which according to HMM means a new world record.

The previous record was in the name of MSC Gülsün, which carried 19,574 TEU on its maiden voyage last July.


HMM’s record ship is now sailing towards the Suez Canal and is expected to arrive at the Rotterdam World Gateway on 3 June at noon. On Saturday 6 June at 5.00 am the mega carrier will leave for Hamburg.

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HMM Algeciras, the world’s largest containership, are now heading to Europe. HMM Algeciras, the first of a series of twelve 24,000 TEU-class containerships, departed Yantian, China on 8 May, 2020 with 19,621 TEUs loaded on board. It is scheduled to be arrived at Rotterdam, Netherlands on its next port of call. 세계 최대 컨테이너선 HMM Algeciras, 아시아를 떠나 유럽으로 향하다 세계 최대 크기의 2만4,000TEU급 컨테이너 1호선 ‘HMM Algeciras’호가 지난 5월 8일 중국 얀티안에서 19,621 TEU 물동량을 적재한 채 유럽으로 출발했다. 다음 행선지는 네덜란드 로테르담이 될 예정이다. #HMM #에이치엠엠 #HMMAlgeciras #HMM알헤시라스 #Algeciras #알헤시라스 #Yantian #얀티안 #Container #컨테이너 #Containership #Containervessel #컨테이너선 #ship #vessel #선박 #24000 #TEU #현대상선 #HyundaiMerchantMarine

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This article first appeared (in Dutch) on Nieuwsblad Transport, which is also published by SWZ|Maritime’s publishing partner Promedia.

Author: Mariska Buitendijk

Mariska Buitendijk is one of SWZ|Maritime's journalists as well as the magazine's copy editor.